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Reine Cramer

Introspective indie-pop


Reine-Session 33 Large
Reine-Session 28 Large


Reine is a Franco-British singer-songwriter serenading you with introspective indie-pop. Though she feels odd writing about herself in the third person, she shall do it for the sake of professionalism. Her music is a direct reflection of her own philosophical contemplations, and as such her lyrics are endowed with a healthy dose of existentialism. If you need a groovy yet ethereal soundtrack to listen to while you gaze up at the stars, welcome home.

Reine's musical influences: Kate Bush, Sean Nicholas Savage, The Beach Boys, Tame Impala, Enya, AURORA, Angel Olsen, Beach House, Her's, Weyes Blood, Lana Del Rey, Christine and The Queens.


Reine was born in France, raised in London and lived in Montreal for eight years during which she progressively integrated herself into the spirited local music scene. She was featured as a backup vocalist on various projects before writing & recording her first EP “Eden” in 2019, co-produced with Emmett McCleary. 

In 2021, she wrote & released a series of singles during the pandemic-induced lockdowns, recorded in Montreal’s Hotel2Tango with the help of producer & audio-engineer, Shae Brossard. 

She is currently based in Paris, France and working on four indie-pop tracks fit for an existential dance party with producer Michael Go. Her first single of the bunch is a disco-infused track called “Try to Believe”, coming out on November 24th, 2023. Click here to hear a preview of the song.

If you’re a indie-pop/rock fan, you’ll want to keep your ears open for these upcoming tracks.